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Tessa Reijmers

"For me, a piece of jewelry is more than an ornament. Each piece is a small work of art, made with passion and dedication.

How beautiful is it to be able to make a piece of jewelry from gold? A mineral that can be reused indefinitely. Gold that may have already been mined by the Egyptians, reused and reused into contemporary jewelery.

I find it special that my creations are valuable to the owner and intended to be passed on for generations”.

After completing the Schoonhoven Vocational School, for goldsmithing and technology, Tessa started her goldsmith shop in 1995, where her own collections of jewelery are designed and made.

She combines a strong sense of design, precision and style, with craftsmanship and experience.

The designs are created through inspiration from organic natural structures, art and architecture. The collection includes jewelery from tough feminine to delicates. This results in beautiful jewelry; tasteful, elegant, unique, portable and of course, handmade.